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We assist performers in understanding, managing, and training the mind so They Can more consistently and confidently Achieve at their peak potential.

We've Worked With Athletes and Performers From All Over The Capital Region

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We are dedicated to helping performers of all types maximize their potential. Meet one on one with a licensed counselor to discuss, practice, and apply the mental framework and skills needed to be confident and successful in your performance area.


We have worked with High School, Club, and College programs, from recreation to elite Division 1. In one to fours sessions, the team begins to learn how to understand and manage the mental side of their game, while coming together to build these strategies into the culture of the program.


We have delivered professional development for faculty and assemblies for youth K-12 on a variety of topics related to students well-being and achievement in the classroom. Faculty learn how to incorporate the skills and understanding into their classroom while children learn strategies to value and manage their mental health.


One of our top value services is bringing small groups of performers together for 4-8 weeks of sessions. You get the benefits of individualized attention, learning the mental skills, and applying them; while also gaining the many benefits that come with group dynamics and collaboration. This is a great way to bring the cost down but keep the high value.

We want to help every performer learn how to:

Build Confidence

Create Positive Belief Systems

Generate Flow

Set SMART Goals

Control Emotions

Compete In The Moment

Utilize Relaxation Techniques

Increase Frequency of Peak Performance

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A little more about us

Most of us recognize that the mental part of the game has a huge impact on our performance on any given day. Sometimes we come out feeling confident, in the zone, and perform effortlessly; but other days we just aren’t “feeling it.” There might be fear or anxiety. We may have had recent failures and setbacks, or struggles with relationships on the team or in our everyday life. There’s an unlimited set of circumstances that impact our mental game and feeling of confidence.

That said… how much time do you spend working on the mental game? We spend 15-20 hours a week developing our physical, technical, and tactical skills but often neglect the training in the very thing that dictates performance on game day.

That is why we are here!!

Powell Cucchiella founded Positively Elite to help athletes conquer their fears and self-doubt, improve concentration and focus, alter limited belief systems, increase confidence, develop powerful pre-game routines and more. He has worked with many young athletes, students, coaches, parents, teachers, and others from youth recreation programs to elite college athletics.

His work has helped players achieve some amazing results on the field and in the classroom.

Schedule today to start your mental training!



We all know that a strong mental game is essential to peak performance, but most of us do not train it properly. That is what we are here to help you with.

To learn how to use the mind as a weapon for great performance
To develop the mental skills for overcoming setbacks and failures
To strengthen focus and ability to get into the zone

To create positive belief systems & goals that fuel motivation & performance
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  • Working with Positively Elite has had a profound impact on our student-athlete’s performance on and off the field. Powell provides the tools every student-athlete needs to help improve their mental performance and as a result, improve their ability to perform in all that they do as student-athletes. While this always can’t be measured by wins and losses, I have no doubt they have helped our team earn more results. More importantly, they have opened our student-athletes eyes to the importance of mental performance training and the impact it can have in their lives.


    D3 Mens' Soccer Coach
  • The pressure of playing any sport at a high level is Immeasurable. To manage the emotions that come with this pressure is something I could rarely ever do before I met Powell. While working with him I’ve seen great increases in on field output as well as managing emotions off of the field. I can develop without frustration, doubt, and many other negative thoughts that I was struggling to deal with before. I could not imagine my athletic career now or in the future without Powell and the countless hours we work together.


    D1 Baseball Player
  • Powell and Positively Elite have had a huge impact on our team. Mental training is extremely important and even more so during the pandemic. Powell was able to help our team navigate and excel during this turbulent time and help bring our team to a new level.


    D3 Women’s Soccer Coach


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