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D3 Mens' Soccer Coach

Working with Positively Elite has had a profound impact on our student-athlete’s performance on and off the field. Powell provides the tools every student-athlete needs to help improve their mental performance and as a result, improve their ability to perform in all that they do as student-athletes. While this always can’t be measured by wins and losses, I have no doubt they have helped our team earn more results. More importantly, they have opened our student-athletes eyes to the importance of mental performance training and the impact it can have in their lives.


Club Softball Coach
The effectiveness of mindfulness training not only for peak performance for the athlete, but for everyday use truthfully speaks for itself. As an elite travel organization we've been fortunate with the opportunity to have each of our players within the organization work on a different element of the game with the tools that Powell provides. His services have allowed us to provide the total package to our athletes in preparation for the next level of play and working with Powell has helped elevate the caliber of individuals within our organization.


D3 Women’s Soccer Coach
Powell and Positively Elite have had a huge impact on our team. Mental training is extremely important and even more so during the pandemic. Powell was able to help our team navigate and excel during this turbulent time and help bring our team to a new level.


PBIS Coordinator and HS Special Education Teacher
Powell provided our middle and high school community with an extremely beneficial and important message regarding self-care, mindset and resilience! Students and staff raved about the presentation and thought he was the best presenter we have had in quite some time!


D1 Baseball Player
The pressure of playing any sport at a high level is Immeasurable. To manage the emotions that come with this pressure is something I could rarely ever do before I met Powell. While working with him I’ve seen great increases in on field output as well as managing emotions off of the field. I can develop without frustration, doubt, and many other negative thoughts that I was struggling to deal with before. I could not imagine my athletic career now or in the future without Powell and the countless hours we work together.


Parent of a Teenage Athlete
My daughter was having difficulty being consistent and competing at the national level in her sport. She was too focused on the outcome rather than the process, which caused her performance anxiety to increase and led to a negative cycle of feeling defeated. Powell taught her various strategies to build her mental strength, which helped her shift her mindset and focus. Doing this hard work and learning these strategies has been invaluable in helping her better prepare for and feel more confident in competing at the national level. It has been incredible to watch this transformation in mindset in just a few sessions.The work that Powell has accomplished with my daughter will extend far beyond her sport; it will serve her well as she navigates school, work, and the various challenges presented to her throughout life.

Powell is kind, insightful, knows when to humor a situation, and just when to push and pose the difficult questions that will lead to change. I am glad we found Powell when we did, and highly recommend him and the work he does to support his clients to achieve their personal best.

Powell was also an invaluable resource and support to me as a parent and helped encourage me to believe in the process rather than the outcome and how better to support my daughter achieve her goals, even if that meant having to adjust expectations and goals (mine included!).
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